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1. TUMBLING SKILLS!   Being new to cheer last year, I had the bare minimum tumbling skills with a roundoff back handspring and no standing tumbling.


 I currently have a standing two BHS and round off two BHS and I’m working towards a round off back handspring tuck.  I worked weekly (in private lessons ) on getting these skills and plan to keep working hard with weekly privates.  I will have a round BHS tuck this season!  

   (I started last January not even having a good cartwheel) with hard work – truly anything is possible. 


2. LEADERSHIP SKILLS--   I would like to improve my leadership skills over the year in and out of cheer. 


Work on communication skills,  getting more experience as leader,  you learn from leading different teams of people. 


Continue to work with my mentors who are helping guide my and being the best leader that I can be.


3. JUMPS * FLEXIBILITY--  I would like to improve my jumps and become more flexible. I plan on spending time stretching each day to accomplish this.


4.  MAKE VARSITY--  My goal is to continue to progress my skills over the year so I can work towards making varsity. 


I will continue my private lessons to get as many new skills as I can.  RO BHS Tuck for sure! J


5  STUNTING--   not just become better at stunting,  but to learn different positions in stunting.  I would love to learn main and side bases to be more helpful to my team so that Coach can put me anywhere and I can contribute.


 (Coppell, TX)

  My family owns a CRYO Therapy business that focuses on sports recovery,  which helps with pain and inflammation and sore muscles. This would be perfect to do as a team –especially during COMP season when we are pushing hard and our bodies are sore.  We could go one night after practice, and girls can do CRYO,  Cryo spot—for specific areas that are hurting and compression sleeves which really helps with sore muscles.    While we “recover” we can have fun and bond as a team.


(Carrollton, TX)

Group Dynamix provides team building activities and adventures that help connect people in different ways. They focus on activities that improve relationships, increase camaraderie, and encourage collaboration.  All of this is accomplished while having fun together as a team. 

  **this would be so much fun as a team and really help strengthen our team bond.

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